He's responsible for countless solutions with only the highest of quality.


From the stage of Business Management - user friendly design and customer support are never set to the side.


Utilizing creative, innovative and out of the box thinking along with Solidworks to empower the customer with a visual working representation of their product before it's delivered.

Years Experience, Combined
Happy Clients
New Innovations
Customer Locations


Family Built and Growing. Innovation doesn't come in a shopping cart. MDR was created to fulfill the needs of a few and is now creating innovations for the many.


MDR takes pride in creating products that are user friendly. Enhancing your productivity, Streamlining workflow, Increasing capacity.

MDR in the Community

MDR encourages being green, giving back, and reaching out. It's founders have spent many years mentoring countless high school robotics teams in volunteering all across CA.

Pride in Innovation, Quality and Customer Service

Design through Innovation

Using innovative tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality, ergonomic and user friendly solutions.


Utilizing only the finest tools and materials for the job, combined with user minded design. Making sure they won't melt under pressure.

Customer Service

Working with our customers to make their ideas a reality, in a realistic timeline.